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Upholding Rights Of Grandparents In Ohio

Family is family, and families do not always match the stereotypical configuration of a mother, father and children, with aunts, uncles and grandparents possibly around at holidays and other times. In many families today (as throughout history), grandparents sometimes find themselves in positions resembling parental roles, for a variety of reasons. In other cases, grandparents seek to offer lifelines to children in difficult home situations. Others simply want the right to see their grandchildren regularly after a death or divorce. A family law attorney can provide much-needed information and direction.

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What Ohio Says About Grandparents Who Seek Visitation Rights

As a grandparent, you may seek legal authority to spend time with your grandchildren in one of these circumstances:

  • Your grandchild is named in a domestic relations order; perhaps a custody order for your son or daughter is coming soon or has already been issued.
  • Your son or daughter, the parent of your grandchild, has died.
  • Your son was not married to the mother when his child was conceived or born.
  • Your grandchild is about to be adopted or has been adopted.
  • Your grandchild is abused or neglected.

In a situation such as any of these, you may have the legal right to pursue companionship or visitation – or even temporary or permanent custody – of your grandchild. Every family’s circumstances are unique and it is important to get personalized legal counsel. Attorney Laura A. DePledge can help determine the most promising legal course of action in support of your grandparenting role.

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