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Tackling Your Family Law Issues From All Angles

Family relationships – such as parent-child bonds – are very personal. At the same time, family law matters – such as the valuation of business assets before a divorce – can be highly technical. The outcome of a family law case can have a great impact on your future. This can make legal processes seem frightening, but remember, they also offer opportunities to turn the corner and move on beyond a time of conflict or change in a family. For many people, containing costs in family law cases is paramount. To help ensure a skillful handling of your case and protection of your interests, work with an experienced family law attorney.

At DePledge Law Office, Inc., in Lake County, Ohio, you have access to a highly experienced and detail-oriented family law attorney who is also compassionate and understanding of clients’ needs. Attorney Laura A. DePledge serves family law clients throughout northeastern Ohio. Turn to our firm for the guidance and representation you seek at this time.

Covering A Full Range Of Family Law Services

No family law concern is beyond the scope of DePledge Law Office, Inc.‘s strengths and capabilities. We are available to help from the beginning to the end of a case such as:

  • Dissolution, legal separation or annulment
  • Contested or uncontested Divorce
  • High-asset or typical property division
  • Child custody and support
  • Enforcement or modification of court orders
  • Paternity actions, stepparent adoption, other adoptions or asserting your rights as a grandparent
  • Petitions for domestic violence, civil protection and civil stalking orders
  • Juvenile court matters
  • Final directive assistance
  • Living will
  • Health care power of attorney
  • Last will and testament
  • Transfer on death deeds
  • Financial power of attorney

Perhaps you realize you need divorce planning as your marital troubles are coming to the surface. No matter what your position is in a family law situation, our firm offers solutions as well as personalized legal education about the issues of greatest relevance in your case. We are here to explain what you need to know while guiding your case forward with the insights you need at what may be an emotional time.

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If you know that a legal issue is becoming critical for your children, your marriage or other family relationships, we urge you to get the information that can help you make the right decisions.

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